A New View: EP

An accomplished Singer/Songwriter, Josef has been writing songs since he was sixteen. In early 2011 he set himself the challenge of choosing four of those songs to record and mix. Five months later he released A New View his debut EP.

The four songs were all written while he was training at The BRIT School and are about his experiences and the journey he went on while studying at the school. The final song on the EP, Over And Out, was written for his graduation ceremony and was premiered at the event on his final day at the college.

A New View was Josef’s first major recording project and since then has greatly improved his recording and mixing skills. Recently he returned to the studio to remix and remaster the original tracks, creating a definitive mix that brings out the full potential in each song.

In addition to this, Josef has also released 2 brand new bonus tracks to go along with the re-release of the original four songs from the EP. A New View REMIX takes the title track from the EP and remixes into a new exciting electronic track that really shows his versatility in writing, recording and arranging music. In The End is a demo of a song that very nearly made it onto the EP. Now it has been released with the new remastered tracks and serves as an Epilogue to the EP.

You can preview and Download the songs directly from this website on the right, or follow the link below to get the EP on iTunes instead.

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