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Josef began making films at the age of ten and has since gone on to create his own production studio Dulwich Studios. In 2005 he won the SoLo Award for Best Director Under 20 and has had his films shown at cinemas such as The Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton. His most recent project is a web series called Stars Of The Future, a mockumentary set at a performing arts school that was inspired by his time at The BRIT School.

In addition to running his own studio, Josef helped create the WoodlandsTV Channel, filming over 100 short films for He has also filmed many live events in London and has directed music videos for bands such as The Bora and the Christmas Charity single Onesie Time where he worked with a group of the West End’s most talented singers.

In his spare time Josef also films covers of popular songs which he records in his studio and uploads to his YouTube Channel. These can be seen on the Music Videos page.

To get the latest news from Josef’s production company, click the link below to visit the Dulwich Studios website.

Backstage Blunders - 2008

Being A Superhero - 2010

Stars Of The Future - 2011

Filming a music video for The Bora.

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