Known for his toe-tapping pop/rock beats, uplifting melodies and unequivocal sense of fun, upcoming singer/songwriter Josef Pitura-Riley — known to his fans as JPR — is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. A skilled multi-instrumentalist with an innate passion for storytelling, Josef’s quirky, upbeat music entertains and inspires its listeners in equal measure.

Josef Pitura-Riley performing with his band on the Village Green stage at Lambeth County Festival.

Josef’s exciting signature style combines upbeat pop/rock with a uniquely theatrical ‘spark’. Punctuated by driving rhythms, rousing piano riffs and energetic brass, Josef’s music takes you on a feel-good journey that cannot fail to lift your spirits. Following the success of EPs A New View (2014) and Regeneration (2016), JPR turned his talents to writing the full musical score for Between Us: A New Musical, which premiered to critical acclaim in 2018. Most recently, Josef has been busy recording material for his third EP, You’re Not Alone, landing July 2020.

If playing every single instrument on his records wasn’t enough, Josef also writes, records and produces all his own material. His exceptional musicianship and infectious energy has earned him regular spots at OXJAM Festival and the headliner position at London’s charity music event, Woofstock, as well as a live performance on BBC Radio Leeds.

So what is it about Josef that makes his music so uplifting? Imbued with his own positive determination, JPR’s lyrics send a refreshingly optimistic message of hope. His music tells us that everyone deserves their own version of happiness, all fears are conquerable and, as the title of his latest EP reminds us — no one is alone.

Josef Pitura-RIley plays piano in his studio.